Service Centre

Delkor Battery stockist Port Lincoln.

As Port Lincolns Delkor stockist Mortlock Motors has a huge range of quality batteries in stock. Being Delkor’s stockist here we also have a great price available on all batteries. Give us a call for all your battery needs.

Any more information on Delkor’s history have a look at their website.

Car batteries, 4wd batteries, Truck batteries are all in stock.

Deep cycle, AGM, Calcium, Gel and Lithium all available.

We have all your battery needs give us a call for any inquires.

Looking for cheap batteries we have a few options but if your looking for a quality battery at a decent price Delkor is your battery.

Delkor batteries have been awarded number 1 in the Korean battery quality excellence award for 15years straight.

With over 36 years in the Battery Development Delkor is a battery you can rely on to keep your vehicle starting and running.