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We are Delkor Batteries Stockist on Eyre peninsula. 

With over 200 Batteries out the front show room, We have the battery for your vehicle.

Delkor batteries have any of your vehicles covered, From motorbike, Car, 4wd, Truck, Caravan, Earth moving and farming equipment.


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Delkor Co. Ltd was established in 1985, as a joint venture with GM, the biggest automotive company in US. In 2010, with the goal of supplying unrivalled-quality automotive batteries, we joined the world’s largest automotive battery enterprise, Clarios, formerly Power Solutions.
Today, we are known as Clarios Delkor Corporation. We supply maintenance-free (MF) batteries to global automotive companies, including Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Honda and Nissan, to name a few. We also extended our battery provision to industrial, commercial, agriculture machinery, deep cycle and marine applications.
Giving our customers the best is the motivation behind our breakthroughs. Enjoying quality, products and service that surpass expectations – we believe, The Power Is Yours.

Award-winning quality

Uncompromised quality is our promise. For 14 consecutive years since 2006, Delkor has maintained the No. 1 spot in the Korea Quality Excellence Award (KS-QEl). Inaugurated in 2006, this prestigious national award is a comprehensive index developed by the Korean Standards Association and Korean Society for Quality Management, measuring product quality reflected by customer satisfaction level.

Unrivaled technology

We are proud to be endorsed by a world leading lead-acid automotive car battery manufacturer, Clarios, formerly Power Solutions. This gives us access to the most advanced technologies in automotive battery production. And with an exhaustive quality-control process conducted every two hours, we produce some of the world’s strongest batteries with ultra-high resistance against corrosion.

Keeps getting better

We believe the power of taking one more step into the future is in our hands. That’s why we invest heavily in research and development, to constantly enhance our products and services. Pushing the horizons, we have set our sights on the next era of automotive: supplying batteries for electric cars. Going beyond what Today beholds. That’s the power of Delkor.