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Mortlock Motors team do googs track.

Falken tyres, Delkor batteries and Toughdog suspension helped make it comfortable.

After dropping the kids to school and child care we set off from Port Lincoln to Ceduna a quick 400 odd kms on bitumen with nice and quiet Falken AT3W tyres .

A quick stop and refill we set off to Googs track entrance. Once we got through into the national park entrance it was time to let the tyres down and get ready to start our off road journey.

The first couple of km’s were straight forward. We then got to the money tree and after a quick photo opportunity & look around at the history there, we set off again to Googs lake for the first night of camping.

Next morning was a early start and set off to the sand hills. Were glad we all had decent tyres and suspension (if your looking for new tyres and or suspension give us a call). After a few hours we got to Mt Finke. It had been raining on and off for the last hour so we had a quick climb and made a phone call to see if the roads were open to Kingoonya.

We left Kingoonya after they had  had 40mm of rain which made it interesting (glad the Falken AT3W tyres are good in the mud

We ended up having to stay on a side road camp that night in between Kingoonya and MT Ive.

That’s where the rain came again, I don’t know how much we had where we were, 100 kms north they had 70mm of rain.

That night camping in swags wasn’t the most comfortable, we ended up sleeping in our cars near the road. The country is amazing if you are lucky enough to watch it turn from dust to a lake in a couple hours. We amazingly had a frog swim through where we tried to camp.

The morning after the 70mm of rain we set off again to get to Mt Ive station not far south from where we camped. After a few creek crossings and a lot of mud we got there safely and found out the roads will be shut.

If you ever get the chance to Visit Mt Ive station it’s beautiful, just don’t get stuck like us.

After a few to many walks up and down the surrounding mountains, a couple of phone calls to our families and boss’s, we were stuck at Mt Ive for two days before they reopened the roads.

After being told we would get a update at 9am for the road people we were all lined up and ready to go. Come 3:30pm and a long frustrating day they gave us the green light for 4wd only to the south, so off we went.

Getting back into Port Lincoln round 9:30pm that night we were glad to be home.

Delkor batteries did a great job keeping our food and drinks icy cold the whole weekend. It was great knowing that no matter where we went we have quality batteries to start our vehicles and keep our fridges running.

Having Falken AT3W tyres gave us piece of mind no matter what the condition ( and we had most of them) on the Bitumen, Dirt, Mud, Rock, Grass, Water and more they are quality tyres.