Tyre Fitment and supply.

Do you need a one stop Shop for your vehicle ? Tyre supplier and fitment centre.

With most sizes and Brands available Give us a call for all your tyre needs.

All your tyre needs in one location. Tyre fitment, Tyre repairs, Tyre balancing and More.

Have a Flat tyre and need a repair come see us.

4wd, Car, Trailer, light Truck, Caravan, motorbike Tyres all serviced and replaced with us.

Wheel Alignments

Does your car pull left or Right ? Sick of wearing your tyres out prematurely ? Had a suspension lift and need a want to make sure your safe on the road?

While servicing your vehicle we will do what is needed to keep you save on the road and keep your tyres wearing to their best they can.

Mortlock Motors is keeping up to date with all your vehicle needs, Including tyres and Wheel alignment needs.